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Praise for Fig Newton Summer

Once again, Lisa has written a book which is easy to love. Reading it brought back so many memories of being that age – wish I could spend a summer there with Lizzie & her friends. I think anyone would feel the same way after finishing this book. The adventures they had were fun & funny. Great descriptions & details. Loved it!

Marcia Lindner

Fig Newton Summer is a fun, quick read that brings adults back to their awkward teenage years, and helps “coming of age” teenagers know that all teenagers go through uncertainty and awkwardness. I am sure young readers will recognize themselves in Lizzie, Natalie and Newton. I had to laugh out loud at some of the escapades of Lizzie and her friends because it brought back my memories of those same experiences. Fig Newton Summer is an enjoyable read and a delightful “coming of age” book.

Kathleen Hendrickson

The book was funny and had a mixture of different characters from rude teenage girls to reckless little boys. The stories were hilarious and I really liked Newton and wished he was in more of the book. All in all, I liked it and I would read it again.

Adalyn Johnston

What a wonderful book for children and reading this book brings me back to my own childhood and the summers in the North woods! Lisa’s use of the businesses that are still in the Minocqua/Woodruff area is great as well and I can personally speak about an experience I also had with a fish hook embedded – part of being a kid I suppose. Great job Lisa! Many generations will enjoy this book.

Penny Sloan

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