Library Mural

A huge shout out for artist Sarah Pederson @ for putting my first book, Dust Flowers into her breathtaking mural! She’s amazing! Check out her work! ūüôā


If you need a little inspiration for a new book…

¬† ¬† …About the Wonders of Nature…

¬† ¬†…The best way is to….


OUR state, OUR country OUR planet

Anyone who knows me well, knows how passionate I am about nature and how well we live in harmony with all things living. ¬†Planet Earth is a HUGE responsibility and as human beings,¬†WE are ALL called to be guardians and caretakers of it and all it’s wonders. ¬†If we don’t take care of our home, where will we live?

Syttende Mai Author Event

Hey all! ¬†I have another author book signing event this Saturday, May 20th, 2017 @ Dregne’s Scandinavian Gift Shop (downtown Westby, WI) from 10:30-4:00 PM.

I will have copies of Dust Flowers Available for purchase & signing!  And if the stars all align properly, I will also have my newest book Sewing The Magic In available!!  (There was a glitch and they are currently AT the printers!! Hopeful the ink will dry in time!!)  Fingers crossed!!

My First Author Event!!

As I enter into the world of Published Authors, I’ve decided to document…aka “blog” my journey into the unknown! ¬†When I look back, I hope to be more amused than mortified by my publishing ignorance! ¬†This is my first official “Author” event pose:

BUT,  THIS is how I really felt!  lol