The “Awkward” Stage

Oh Brother…This coming weekend is my class reunion…40 YEARS! I can hardly believe it…yet it DOES seem like it was a kazillion years ago when I was at that “awkward” stage. What grade was I in when I felt the most self-conscious & gawky? …I’d say it started in 3rd grade and continued on throughout my ENTIRE school career. I was a skinny skinny flat chested girl with crooked teeth and wild out of control hair… I know this to be true as I found a small wallet size photograph of me when I was in 6th grade. My bangs are shorter than bangs should ever be…I have a crazed smile on my face…All teeth & gums!…BUT the worst of it? I am wearing a skin-tight green knit shirt OVER my busty older sister’s bra…There is rippling, folds & puckers right there for all to see… I didn’t even have the sense to stuff some kleenex in there! Did my parents NOT notice? My sisters? My teacher? My classmates…THE PHOTOGRAPHER for cripes sake! I laugh hysterically at this now… Awkward doesn’t even begin to cover me as a youth. Am I STILL this awkward now and don’t know it? Probably! BUT I DO have a better sense of humor now and if you can’t laugh at yourself…who CAN you laugh at! Class of 1979? Here I come.

My High School Bestie, Judith Norma & I last month…NO, I will NOT share the “Other” pic with you. 😉

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