Trees ARE the answer to so many questions

Lots of space!!

My husband Bruce and I live on a 40-acre hobby farm. Bruce is a bonafide farm boy…he grew up on a dairy farm, planted crops (hay, corn, tobacco) and LOVES a cleared patch of land. I, on the other hand, grew up in Northern Wisconsin, SURROUNDED by trees and deep mysterious forests. He feels claustrophobic in the woods…I feel exposed in a field. Life has been brutal for today’s small farms…they are disappearing…one by one. Driving through Vernon County, I see all the empty spaces that could hold trees…unused pastures and fallow fields, empty spaces yearning to be productive! Whether you believe in climate change or you don’t, there is NOTHING to be lost from planting trees. Who doesn’t like Oxygen? I say, let’s plant trees wherever we can to better our environment!! AND IF we plant fruit, nut or Sugar Maple trees, we give future generations another food source. Win Win. Now, MY biggest challenge will be to find a compromise with Bruce so we aren’t “Hemmed in” or “Exposed” and have a happy compromise 🙂 Planting trees…THAT is my mission…can it also be yours?

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