Birds of a Feather

I am sitting with my coffee on the screen porch…with Baxter! There is a fascinating scene playing out in front of me. I am watching birds…ALL different…ALL beautiful…All Unique…yet all birds. The Robin…hopping around with his head cocked, listening for movement beneath the earth. When he discovers the exact spot, he plunges his beak into the soft loam and extracts a worm…EVERY single time. Then there is the Hummingbird. He floats from flower to flower, dipping HIS long tongue into the blooms, preferring to sip his breakfast. And the Wren family in the tiny birdhouse on the trellis. Momma Wren flies off into the crab apple tree again and again, bringing back insects for her hungry brood. While I can’t SEE them, I hear their excited chirps every time she returns to the house. In the background a Woodpecker pecks away on a tree, looking for it’s breakfast. People are like birds! We are all unique and beautiful…going about life in our own ways. One is not better than another…we are just different…and THAT is beautiful. Be Excellent to Each Other …enjoy the diversity.

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