The Screened Porch

Baxter and I start and finish EVERY day…that ISN’T winter…on the screened porch

My favorite room in our house is the little porch off the kitchen. Screens keep out the bugs and the rain while letting EVERYTHING else in…the wind, the birds, the coyote howls, the owl hoots and the majesty of a thunderstorm!

My Books

Dust Flowers -Book #1 in The American HerStory with Eifrig Publishing

During one of the most trying periods in American History, the Dust Bowl Era, when the dust storms came and scoured the earth, a little girl nurtures a courageous seedling she found trying to survive in the harsh & unforgiving conditions. She knows the blooms would bring a smile to her Mama’s tired face as she has heard stories of the garden she used to keep. What she doesn’t know is that the little flower promises something even more precious…Hope.

book cover for sewing the magic in
Sewing The Magic In -Book #2 in The American HerStory with Eifrig Publishing

From her spot at the window, a young girl observes things most people have to pay to see. There are men walking around on stilts, giraffes, jugglers, gilded wagons, and a long line of elephants marching down the street, as she works in the costume department for The Greatest Show On Earth! Join Nora as she searches for her role in creating the magic for the circus.

The Cheese Song -Book #3 in The American HerStory with Eifrig Publishing

The two girls watch each other across the crowded train car with intense interest. One holds tight to her little brother and the other clutches a mysterious basket. An unexpected secret will bind the two girls together, but dare they hope to find an adoptive family that will KEEP them together? Join Libby & Josie as they journey on one of the infamous Orphan Trains in 1896 from NYC to the Midwest in search of a forever family.

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