READING IS the window to the Imagination!

Hope you enjoy my “Littles Loving Literature” series!  Using the GIMP photoshop program, I took some of my favorite kids, books, nature and imagination…Voila!  

“Birds of a feather READ together!”  


Read Aloud!…You never know “Who” is listening! 


If you can DREAM it…You Can DO it! 

Fireflies and Folklore! 

Monarchs, Rosebuds and a tiny reader!  

“Raise your hand IF you’ve read a good book this week?” 

Dance like Nobody’s watching!   …UNLESS, you dance like Elaine from Seinfeld…like I do…then, wait for it to get dark…just in case!

Reading by the light…of the silvery moon… 

Lynn? Keli? Wrap your arms around a good book!…or a dinosaur!…both are AWESOME!  

…Follow the Yellow Brick Road…with a wagon of kittens! 

“…They then journeyed onwards till they almost reached the mountains. Aladdin was so tired…” 

Getting lost in a good book is like being on an exotic vacation!

“Imagination…Journey to AMAZING new places!”  

“Flowers, Books & Butterfly Friends!” 

…Not even “lion” about a good book! 

“Go out on a limb! Be Unique!!” 

…Uh huh… And THEN what happened?…We are listening, oh so carefully! (Baxter & Dagwood)  

Reading a book can literally make you feel like you are “ON Cloud Nine”!  

…Where’s the BEST place to read? EVERYWHERE!!! 

…”Everyone likes to have a story read to them…EVERYBODY!! 

…”Always better to read with a friend…or two!”  

Gotta love two preschoolers, a BIG book AND a nest big enough to sit in!  

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