And the Trees Began to Move

$17.99 | Autographed Hardcover

The Spirit of the Pond, a vain and selfish entity, wants to preserve his beauty by denying the Ancient Tree Spirits his life-giving water in a time of drought. He discovers that in trying to save himself, he will lose everything he holds dear.

Illustrated by Lauren Rutledge

The Cheese Song – The 3rd book in the American Herstory Series

$14.99 | Autographed Hardcover

The two girls watch each other across the crowded train car with intense interest.  One holds tight to her little brother; and the other clutches a mysterious basket. An unexpected secret will bind the two girls together, but dare they hope to find an adoptive family that will keep them together?

Join Libby & Josie as they journey on one of the infamous orphan trains in 1896—from New York City to the Midwest—looking for that forever family and the American dream.

Illustrated by Lauren Rutledge

Sewing the Magic In – The 2nd book in the American Herstory series

$14.99 | Autographed Hardcover

From her place at the window, a young girl is able to see things that most people will never see. There are men walking around on stilts, giraffes, jugglers, gilded wagons and a long line of elephants marching down the street. Working in the costume department for The Greatest Show on Earth, Nora struggles to find her role in creating the magic of the circus.

Illustrated by Lauren Rutledge

Woman in a red dress sitting on a white horse

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Dust Flowers – The 1st book in the American Herstory series

$14.99 | Autographed hardcover

In the days before the dust storms came and scoured the earth, the mother’s garden flourished with fragrant beauty. As the dust storms devastated the soil and all green and growing things dried up, so did the mother’s smile. A young girl is determined to bring back hope and joy into her mother’s life by growing flowers in these harsh and unforgiving conditions.

Illustrated by Kyle Olson

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